The Art of Posing

The manner in which you pose is extremely significant. Since it is the right kind of posing which ultimately creates your positive image and impression on the judges. Before posing at a competition it is important that you perfect your posing. Your posing should reflect your self confidence and positive attitude. Striking a right kind of pose can do wonders for you.

However in order to strike a perfect pose during the bodybuilding competitions. It is important to practice your posing routine. You can start your practice routine with 30 minutes. This routine should be repeated three to four minutes in a week. During the competitions you are required to hold the pose for at least five seconds. However practicing your pose for a longer period can be quite helpful.

Tips to be followed while posing

It is important to rotate while posing, and not give a static pose so that the judges judging the competition can notice each of your pose clearly

It is advised that you reflex your legs first.

Relaxing and flexing of muscles is a good idea during the execution of your poses in which you are weak.

These are the 7 poses which are compulsory in any bodybuilding competition

  1. Front double biceps
  2. Front lat spread
  3. Side chest
  4. Side triceps
  5. Back double biceps
  6. Back lat spread
  7. Abdominals and thighs

In the compulsory round generally 2-3 competitors are called out and they are required to strike all the seven compulsory poses. Let’s have a look at all the poses one by one. However, in the body building competion for women there are only five compulsory poses. Women are not required to perform the front and back lat spread poses.

Front Double Biceps

While striking this pose it is advisable to suck your stomach in so that your mid section appears tiny and the other parts of your body get a bulky look.

It is important that you strike a pose in such a manner that it flaunts your best leg. Your elbows should be in the same level of your body.

Full Lat Spread

For this pose it is essential that you flex your legs and place your hands around the waist just above your hips. It is also possible to strike full lat spread pose by flexing the abs; this pose is known as abominable crunch. It is important to bend your knees slightly and tense your legs while doing this pose.

Side Chest

You can perform this pose by slightly bending your knees; after bending your knees you should flex your right calve, or the one facing the judges. In this pose you generally have your right arm to your side and your elbow ispositioned at a 90 degree angle. The next step is to bring your left arm across your body and squeezeyour left pec;  it is advisable that while striking this pose you suck in your stomach, so that your rest of your body appears larger.

Side Triceps

This pose is exactly same as the side chest, apart from minute difference. This pose requires you to turn to the side and bend the knees. Your arms should be facing the judges while performing this pose. This pose should be performed by extending the right arms at your side.

Back Double Triceps

This pose and the front double biceps pose are more or less similar barring certain minute differences. It is important that while performing this pose your calves and hamstrings are flexed. It is extremely important that while striking the pose you keep the top half of your body in the right position. Keep the bottom half of your body relaxed.

Make sure that arms are pulled back toward the judges as well as your wrists. In order to bring out the emphasis on your lower back, you should tense your abs. Most important tip, always remember to keep your body flexed.

Back Lats Spread

The back lats spread is somewhat similar to the front lats spread. You should start this pose by crunching your lats together. An effective way to start this pose is with your lats originally crunched together. Your lats should be pulled back in such a way that it exposes your entire lat spread.

In order to create an impact, it is important that you keep your calves and hamstrings flexed. In order to get the right pose it is important that you get the top half of your body in the right position and the bottom half of your body remains relaxed. Remember to keep all of your body flexed.

Abdominals and Thigh

This pose requires you turn to the front.  The technical way of doing this pose is by extending your one leg in front of the other, it is important to keep the toes of the back foot outward. The toes of your front foot should be pointing outward.   It is important to keep your front leg tensed. Flexing of your quads and calves will enhance your muscle definition.

Using various angles and bends while posing can make your posing impressive.

Free Posing Round

In this round you are required to impress the judges by showcasing your favorite pose. This round enables you to flaunt your unique style. You can use this round to your advantage since it enables you to make best of your plus points, while hiding your weak points.


Choosing the right kind of music for your posing round can do wonders for you. Choose the music which suits your physique. Choosing an upbeat, rock music is a good idea. Since choosing such kind of music will increase the tempo of your performance. It can also help to keep the audience engaged.

Preparation Tips

In order to prepare for the posing round it is advisable that you watch various posing videos or bodybuilding competitions which are telecasted on the TV. However, watching such videos and programmes can only give you an idea of how to present yourself. You should develop and practice those poses which will suit you and would help to enhance your strengths and hide your weaknesses.