No Gym? No Problem!

Obesity has taken shape of an epidemic. In the United States of America and other European countries, obesity has become a serious concern for people of all age groups. People are aware of the deadly consequences of obesity, they are ready to get rid of the extra fat, but the problem is, how and where? Well, gym is the perfect place to be for a workout session, but in today’s world, where you need to be on the move right from the moment you wake up, it becomes fairly difficult to accommodate a gym session in your tight daily schedule. Having said this, you will have to find a way out; else it might prove to be fatal in days to come.  Is there any other alternative?

No Gym?? No problem

There is good news for all you enthusiastic people!! There is no need to worry, if you don’t have enough time to go to a gym. You can make it happen in your home! As they say, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. All you need to do is to manage 1 hour every day and follow certain workout schedules which could be done at home. You must be thinking about the results! How effective it is going to be! Well, let me assure you, the result are mind boggling, provided you follow the proper workout schedule and of course, a scientific diet.

Work out in your home

What kind of work out?

There are many workouts which could be tried at home, however, you are looking to get rid of the extra fat and be skinny, cardio work outs would be ideal for you.

Here are few cardio work outs, which you can try at home:-

a)    Treadmill: Running is considered to be the best cardio work out. If you enough space in your home to accommodate a treadmill, then buy one. You don’t necessarily have to purchase the most expensive one with all sort of features, remember the idea is to run, so an ordinary treadmill will serve the purpose.  

Once you have a treadmill, it’s time to ride on it. Don’t forget to use a proper running shoe; else you might injure your ankle. Begin with slow jogging, and continue this for a week, don’t get carried away start accelerating right from day one, you might hurt yourself. So, go slow and go steady. After one week, increase the speed, on the 3rdweek, you may try the “inclined run”.  Mind you! It is very tedious, but it burns tons of calories. Make sure you did it for at least half an hour.

b)    Bike: This is equipment which does wonder when it comes to losing weight. Cycling is a very good cardio work out. The best part about it is that you don’t tend to feel exhausted and you burn a lot of calories. There is no chance of getting injured. Again, half an hour of cycling is good enough.

c)     Step ups: I am sure you must be having stairs in your home. Even if you don’t you can always make one. Get a small piece of wooden stool, which matches the size of a stair in terms of height. That’s all. Now, climb up and down as fast as you can. Do as many repetitions as you can. To begin with set a target of 200 repetitions and gradually increase as you become more used to it. Step ups are amazing work outs, five minutes of intense step ups a day would burn huge amount of your body fat. 

d)    Jumping Jacks: It is very simple. Stand in attention position them jump off the floor with your legs and arms spread. It is simple alright! But after 15 repetitions, you will feel like giving it up, it is that intense!! Target for at least 100. Here is a fact for you. 500 jumping jacks, help to get rid of fat which is equivalent to one cup of chocolate ice cream 

If you can fit in all these workouts in your schedule, it would yield excellent result. 30 minutes of tread mill, 30 minutes of cycling followed by step us and jumping jacks. Total of one and half hour of intense home based cardio work out, and you would start noticing the difference within one week.