Myths Related To Bodybuilding

Every sport has its own myths and body building too has its share of misconceptions and myths. In this article, I have tried to divide the prevalent myths into two categories, that is, the ones related to training and the ones related to dieting. These are just some of the most common myths in bodybuilding. It is always important to separate the truth from the myth because this can help you achieve your goal of having a healthy and well built body.

Training Related Myths

Once You Stop Training It All Turns Into Fat

This is the most common training related myth. Muscle can never turn into fat since both fat and muscle have their own individual biological characteristics. It’s just that once you stop turning, the calories you intake stop turning into muscles and you pile on fat.

Over Training Results in More Muscles

Over training can never result in increasing the size of your muscles since our body requires an optimum amount of rest to grow. Until and unless you give your body an adequate amount of rest, your training efforts would go in vain.

Quantity of Training More Important

As long as you are working out fully and rigorously training your whole body, the number of days and the time spent on your work out does not matter.

The training methods to be adopted by women should be different from that of men

This is another misconception related to the sport of body building.   As there is no basic difference in the muscle tissues of men and women, the same kind of training methods works for both of them. It’s just that the hormonal levels in men vary from that of women and because of that they gain more muscle mass.

Weight Training Leads to Poor Flexibility

This is just not true. Because when you do muscle training, while one muscle gets contracted, the other is stretched, leading to an increase in flexibility. This myth has resulted from the feeling of tightness that one feels after a workout. One of the best ways to get rid of this feeling of tightness is to do stretching exercises.

Your Workout Regime Prior To The Competition Should Be Very Mild

Another mistake committed by most of the budding bodybuilders is that they train very lightly a weekprior to the competition. This myth should be debunked since following a training routine result in flow of glycogen and it is this volume of glycogen which helps your body to replenish. It is the volume of glycogen and water in the muscle tissue which gives your body a chiseled look. Thus, it is extremely essential to train hard before some weeks before the competition.

More Weight Means Bigger Muscles

Some people are under the misconception that increase in the weight in the work out regime would help in increasing the size of your muscles. But this is not true, since the size of the muscles equally depends on the diet you take as well. There is no relation between the amount of weight lifted and the size of your muscles.

Weight Training Makes a Woman Look Like a Man

This is one of primary concerns of most of the women, while starting with the weight lifting process. The extreme muscular growth in some of the woman is due to the use of steroids when combined you’re your weight training regime. In contrast to the myth Weight training increases you muscle strength, flexibility and prevents you from various heart related diseases.

Diet Related Myths

Many reigning body builders think that it is just the training which results in increasing the strength flexibility and the muscle size. Your nutrition intake contributes equally to your muscle building process. Your diet should include right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Reducing The Water Intake Before The Competition Helps

Most of the bodybuilders remain under the impression that reducing your water intake just week before the competition will help you look muscular. It is extremely essential to remain hydrated since our body muscle tissue consists of 60- 70% of water. Only by consuming an adequate amount of water at regular intervals will give your muscles a harder and a muscular look.

The Consumption of Salt Should Be Reduced During The Time of The Competition.

It is important to have consistent amount of salt. Decreasing your level of sodium intake is hardly going to help since

Performance Enhancing Drugs Guarantee Winning

Performance enhancing drugs are widely used by the bodybuilders. The general notion is that consumption of PED can improve your performance to a large scale and ensure your winning. However it might help in enhancing your performance to certain degrees, there is no guarantee that you will win after the consumption of PED’S. Your success ratio is solely determined by your talent, hard work and patience.  Consuming of PED’S in large quantities might be might prove harmful for your health. Use of PED has been banned in the natural bodybuilding competitions.

Fat Should Be Excluded From Your Diet

Fats should not be completely excluded from your diet plan . Since some fats are good for your health. Consuming saturated fats, along with other fat sources enhances the testosterone level which ultimately increases the size of your muscle. Hence it is important to include certain amount of fats in your diet.

Loading and Depletion of Carbs From Your Diet Can Boost Your Performance

This is another misguiding notion which people have.  In order to prepare for a bodybuilding or an athletic competition, people usually deplete their body of the carbohydrates and then consumes excessive amount of carbs just before the competition.  According to training experts, this practice should be avoided if you want to carb load it is advisable to do so during the training.

All Steroids Are Harmful

This is the most widely spread myth.  Yes, some of the steroids are not good for your health.  Mild Steroids with slight side effects are also available in the market.  However you should limit your intake of steroids and it is always good to have complete knowledge of a product before using it.