How To Build Your Upper Chest

Have you ever noticed any similarities between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferringo, Franco Columbo and other body builders? If you have not, then let me tell you, all of them have a huge and fully developed chest, from upper, inner, outer and lower sections

Upper Chest

According to some body builders, upper chest is the most difficult area of your body to grow and it requires and more spur is required than lower or mid chest. If you are looking to develop your chest, then you are well advised to dedicate 2/3 of your chest workouts that would target the muscles of your upper chest. A well-developed upper chest gives a balanced look to your entire body.

Most of you must have tried work outs like inclined dumbbell/barbell press, inclined flyers and other machines to develop you upper chest. These work out might not be sufficient to give the shape you are looking for. There are some other workouts you need to your workout schedule. These workouts are not very common and are being rarely used. It is very important to note, that these workouts are not the replacement of the of basic chest workouts like bench press, dumbbell press etc. These are some extra efforts which would help you to grow your upper chest.

a)   Smith Bench Press

Get hold of a flat bench and then adjust it within the Smith Machine. Lie down on the bench and position your body in such a way that your clavicle bones are directly under the bar. Your elbows need to spread out wide, to achieve this, your grip on the bar should be outside your shoulder line and your torso should be perpendicular to your upper arm.
Slowly lower the bar. Keep bringing it down until you feel the pressure on your upper chest. Hold it there for 1 second and then push it back to the top.

In this workout you cannot use heavy weights as you need do as many repetitions as you can. Make sure you did at least 15 repetitions.
b)   Reverse Grip Bench Press

This particular workout is usually believed to be effective for triceps. However, research has proved that reverse grip bench presses are 40 times more effective for upper chest, compared to normal inclined presses.

This workout can be performed with the help of a Smith machine or free weights; it’s up to you to choose.

The Process

Your grip needs to be wider than the width of your shoulder. Rest of your body would be in the same position which is used for normal bench press.

Pull the bar down carefully to the mid-chest area and then push the bar up with some force and intensity. While pushing the bar up, the movement should be towards the back, towards your eyes to be precise. This work out is a bit awkward to begin with, so, initially start with light weights and then gradually keep on increasing weights as you get used to it. Maximum number of repetitions is required to get the best result. Try at least 12 to 15 repetitions per set.

As mentioned earlier, these two workouts act as a supplement to the basic workouts. So, you need to continue with your normal chest workout schedule.