How To Build Your Lower Chest?

You have a well build, muscular upper chest? Great! But, what about your lower chests? Unless you developed your lower chest muscles, you upper chest will not get pumped, simply because your upper chest muscles are based on the lower chest muscles. So, it is equally important to work on your lower chest. If have a close look at any body builder, you will find that his lower chest muscles are more compact than his upper chest.

In this article, I shall try and explain few very useful workouts for your lower chest, which, if carried out sincerely, will certainly yield very good results.

Lower chest workouts

Basically, there are three major work outs for your lower chest. Besides, there are other exercises which can be tried, but only after you have mastered yourself in these exercises.

Bodyweight Dips on a Chin/Dip Machine

A chin up bench would be ideal to target your lower chest muscles. In this exercise, your body weight is being used as the resistance.

Procedure: For chest dips, you need to have your arms fully stretched or they should be perpendicular to the floor. You need to hold the handles of the bench in order to balance your body and your feet should be hanging above the floor.

Extend your chest muscle by pulling down your upper body towards the floor by twisting your elbows to an extent that your upper arms remain parallel to the floor. Try and lean forward a slightly, this would put more pressure on your chest you’re your arms, triceps in particular. Your feet must hot hit or touch the ground. Return to the initial position by spreading your elbows back to full extension.

Decline Bench Press

Decline press is a traditional method to grow your lower chest muscles. Get hold of the bench press machine in your gym. Lower the bench to an inclined position of 45 degrees. Position yourself on the bench with your head towards the declined end. Hold the bar with a firm grip. Your grip should be in line with your shoulders. Raise the bar and then slowly bring it down towards the lower portion of your chest. While bringing it down make sure that you feel enough pressure on our lower chest muscles. If you feel that you can handle more pressure, increase the weight. Try three sets with 8 to 10 repetitions in each set.

Decline Butterflies

Decline Butterflies is another very effective work out to grow your lower chest. You can use the same bench which you used for decline bench press, or you may get a hold of a smaller bench. The position of the bench and your body would similar to what was used for decline bench press. Get two dumbbells of equal weight and then spread your arms as much as you can, and then, slowly, with full intensity bring them together towards lower middle portion of your chest. This particular work out will give a compact shape to your lower chest. There should be at least 3 sets with 8 to 10 repetitions in each set.